Monday, December 31, 2007

More Hawaii Pictures

These are the rest of the Hawaii pictures from my dad's camera. There is still a chance that more could be added, because Mark took about 500 pictures during the trip.

Aloha Stadim Swap Meet

Every time I've been to Hawaii I've been to the swap meet. It is set up in Aloha Stadium and it goes around the entire stadium. It's a bunch of booths that sell everything, bags, clothes, jewelry, toys, and Hawaiian food (fruit, nuts, etc). It's the best place to buy suveniers because it is so cheap. We actually went there two different days on this trip, I guess we couldn't get enough.

Chuck's on the Beach

When you go to Waikiki, you have to eat at Chuck's Steak House. It's balcony overlooks the ocean and you can watch the sunset. The food is pretty good, but everyone goes for the atmosphere.

The beautiful sunset from our table. After dinner we took a little stroll along the beach until everyone including Henley got a little wet in the ocean.

Uncle Jake

Jake's Homecoming
My brother Jake has been serving a mission in Hong Kong since October 2005. He extended his mission and got home on November 19th. My parents went over the week before he came home to spend time with him there. Their flight kept getting delayed but they finally got home. Everyone was excited to have Jake home.

Everything Mark forgot

I was just looking at pictures of last spring/summer and I realized that none of them are on Mark's blog, so here is everything that was left out.

Henley's Nursery

This is Henley's cute nursery that Mark painted. We decided on the idea before we knew if we were having a boy or girl, because we thought it would fit with either. It turned out so great.

Easter 2007

For Easter this year my family rented a condo in Park City, UT. We did a little shopping at the outlet mall. We also tried geocashing but it wasn't great (we couldn't find anything in this park behind us). It was nice to get away for awhile even if there wasn't much to do in Park City.

Henley and Grandpa watching T.V. at the condo.

Memorial Day 2007-Island Park, ID

My dad bought this cabin inIsland Park just over one year ago. This was the first time that Me, Mark, and Henley had been up to see it. The whole family came including the Kirschmans (our cousins). Again there wasn't much to do, but it was really fun playing games and going into West Yellowstone.

These are pictures of everyone out to lunch in West

My dad and brother Kyle.

Kelsey and Mason

Mom and Dad

Henley at Grandma's House

I went to pick Henley up one day after work and she was in just a onesie. They told me she had an accident and they had to change her. Then they showed me the pictures of her eating licorice and making a royal mess.

All cleaned up!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Hawaii Pictures and more to come

Henley and aunt Kelsey playing in the ocean on Waikiki beach. We already knew she loved the water because she loves going to the pool but she headed straight to the water.

Hanauma Bay

We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, well the boys all went snorkeling, us girls stayed on the beach. Henley loved playing in the sand and she got it everywhere.
She was pretty tired by the time the day was over.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My First Blog Entry
I wanted to learn how to do this so I can try to keep everyone updated on our life. Mark doesn't think I will update this but I will try my hardest, it's better than nagging him to do it.
The Family Hawaii Trip
December 11th my family went on a vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. My dad was going there for work and he decided to bring us all along for the ride. It was Henley's first plane ride and she did ok. There will be more pictures coming but this was the only one I had with me so this is the family picture on the north shore of Oahu.