Saturday, February 23, 2008

Brad's Wedding

Mark's cousin Brad got married and even though they had a photographer, Mark couldn't help taking some pictures. What a cute couple.

Henley meeting Michelle's little boy Kobe, who is adorable, they really hit it off.

At the end of the luncheon Henley just wanted to hug her Dad.

Mark's vivarium

Mark has put a lot of time into making vivariums, I'm not sure what the exact definition of that is but here is a picture. He also saved a frog from Home Depot, it was in one of the plants that they got in and he asked if he could give it a good home instead of the bucket it was living in there. Because he got it Home Depot, he named it Homer.

Super Bowl Party

The 2nd annual super bowl party was at my parent's house again this year. The Giants beat the Patriots in a very good fourth quarter, and most people at our party were happy about that.

Kendyl and Henley were quite cozy in their little chair, Kendyl thought the game was hilarious.

Amanda enjoying the game.

The old man(my dad) put up $20 to whoever won the Super Bowl game, Mark won by putting all his points on the first commercial, it was Budweiser.

My dad and brother Kyle (who strangely ended up in a lot of these pictures).

Kyle and Larissa.

Jake and who else, Kyle.

Wes balancing Henley on his hand, and then they were both bored with the game and ready for
the party to be over.

No Birthday Pictures Yet

The good news is that I have new pictures to post the bad news is that I thought I had Henley's birthday pictures with me but I don't, so they will be coming soon. I also found some old pictures from this summer and I want to post them because some of them are so cute even though they are from months ago. Sorry they are outdated but I guess they are new to all of you!

1st Baseball game-July 2007

We went to a Utah Bees game this summer, it was Henley's first baseball game. We went with Mark's family and some of his cousins.I'm pretty sure the Bees won but I was a little preoccupied with a not so happy baby. But when the sun went down and it wasn't so hot she
was a little more happy, maybe because she wanted her daddy.

Hogle Zoo-August 2007

This was Henley's first trip to the zoo. Mark and our friend Amanda were doing wedding pictures for someone down in Salt Lake. We all went along and went to the zoo in between the wedding and the reception, it turned out to be a nice day and a lot of fun.

Andre, Mandy, Kendyl, Henley, and Me in front of the zoo.

Wes is showing the flier for the Ghost of the Bayou which is a white alligator that we went to see.

Henley and Kendyl posing with the elephants behind them.

Henley loved the giraffe!

Bath Pictures

Mark took these cute pictures of Henley in the bathtub, which is one of her favorite places.

Halloween 2007

Henley was a ladybug for Halloween this year. We didn't go trick or treating but we went to a little party. She was not feeling good, so she didn't look too happy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a slacker but we don't have the internet at our house. So I have pictures coming of Henley's birthday.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Christmas 2007

This year we spent Christmas in Lyman with the Huntsmans. We had a lot of fun! This was Henley's first Christmas and she kind of understood what was going on. Uncle Carter got an ultimate web blaster, he loved it and he sprayed me with it. Oh well.

I wanted to start a tradition of giving our kids (kid this year) Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve and a Christmas book. Here is Henley in her "I Love Santa" pj's and she got "The Night Before Christmas" book this year.

Christmas Morning

Santa brought Henley, Dusty the talking vacuum, she didn't quite know how it worked yet but she liked it. In her stocking was a book about Rudolph and a stuffed monkey that she liked to cuddle.

Uncle Carter helping unwrap Henley's Noah's Ark play set

Henley fell into a box that was hidden under wrapping paper and she was not happy about it.

Missing Henley

Henley was playing all morning we lost her for a minute but when we found her she was in the kids room reading a bunch of books. She loves to read, more than playing with any of her toys.

Isom Family

We got the chance to see the Isom Family who were also in Lyman for Christmas. Henley and Baylee got to spend some time playing and they had a lot of fun.

Here is Mark, Louis, Henley and Baylee.

Henley also had fun with the dog and her Uncle Jason.

The girls also had fun tearing the cupboards apart and playing with cups.

Millward Family Party
The family party this year was at Mike and Steph beautiful new house in Idaho.

In the gift exchange Henley got a ride along worm that she will love this summer.