Saturday, June 28, 2008

Emily's Wedding

My cousin Emily got married on June 13th in the Logan Temple. She married a guy named Russell, he is from Salt Lake. They are such a cute couple, congratulations you two.
While they were taking all their pictures, Mark took pictures of who else, Henley. There are quite a few, sorry.
Of course Henley loved the fountain.
Stopping to smell the flowers.
Henley and my cousins little girl Evelyn enjoyed each other's company. They also played Ring around the Rosie and Henley loved it.

My great-grandma and my grandpa with Henley.

Henley and Grandpa

Henley and Mom

Our first family picture in a long time.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion
The first week of June Mark's family had a family reunion in Wyoming. We went up to a lodge, with seperate cabins to sleep in. We could only go for the last night because of work. It was still fun to see everyone. We had a talent/variety show the night we were there. Some people got real creative.

Henley usually hates riding in strollers, but Aunt Jillian was pushing her around and she loved it.
Of course, there was some music too.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bee's Game

We went to a Salt Lake Bee's Game last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. This was the second time the Huntsman family has gone down to a game. Henley actually enjoyed herself.

She could see the Bee Mascot and she loved it and the funky chicken.

Here she is with Anya, Emily and Grandma Huntsman is holding her.
At the end of the game they let the kids run the bases. First Carter went, but then Henley and
Jillian wanted to go so Mark took them.
I didn't get very good pictures, Carter is in the orange shirt.
Jill actually ran the bases twice and was ready to go again, until they stopped her.
Here's Mark and Henley. We had a great time.