Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny Kids

The other day my sister Kelsey and my mom came down and we took the dogs for a walk, and then we went over to the park to play. Henley loves going to the park. She loves the swings and the slide. This time aunt Kelsey took her on big red slide and she loved it. She even went down a couple times by herself. Sorry the pictures are blurry.

One of her favorite things to do is to play with baskets. She loves to climb in a pretend she is a baby. She also like to put her babies in the baskets. Here are some funny pictures of her playing.

She is very proud of herself!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend

I love the 4th of July! It is one of my favorite holidays. We went to the fireworks again this year with my family, but I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures. Henley liked the fireworks but then she got a little bored with them. Hopefully, she will really like them next year. On the 4th, Me and Henley went to the parade in Hyrum. Mark was being a stinker and didn't want to come, so we went with Amy, Kori, Dan, Kellee, and their kids. Henley had fun eating her "tandy" and watching the floats. That night my family came over for a BBQ and to try to listen to the Styx concert that was at the fairgrounds by our house, but we couldn't hear anything. We still had fun eating and lighting our own fireworks.

This was the first real party we had in our backyard. It was perfect for a BBQ, we just need to get a table and chairs back there now. Here is my mom and Henley trying to smash the poppers because Henley couldn't throw them hard enough to pop them. Check out Henley's awesome new playhouse in the background I love it and so does she, she finally has something to do in our backyard this summer.

She wanted to light all the sparklers, but once they were lit she wasn't interested anymore and she just wanted to light some more.

Helping daddy light a firework.

The next day Emily, Jesse, and Anya came to town. Me and Henley babysat Anya for a couple of hours and we had a great time. Anya is such a sweet baby. It even made me think about having another baby.
Then we all went to the Sports Academy Pool for a couple of hours. This was Anyas first time swimming. She like it but she fell asleep in the pool. Mark kept trying to get Henley to go out deeper with him which she usually does, but she was being a stinker. She just wanted to play with her bucket, turtle and duck.

I love this picture of them, they look a lot alike to me.

Here are just some funny pictures of Henley eating her breadsticks and cheese. She decided just to eat the cheese with her fingers.

What a babe!