Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Fun Triathlon

This was the second year that Sports Academy did a family triathlon. Mark family came down so Carter and Jillian could do the triathlon. Carter did the whole thing and Jill did the run with him. It was lot of fun the got a medal and a t-shirt.

Princess Party

My friend Shea's little girl London had a Cinderella Party for her 1st Birthday, here are some of the pictures.

Coloring a Princess Picture.

Henley and London

Getting her make-up done by Cinderella

During story time, Henley decided she needed to sit on Cinderella's lap instead of the floor.

London opening Henley's present to her. Thanks guys we had fun.

Denver Trip

I planned a trip to Denver for me and Mark. Why Denver you ask. For a restaurant, that's right a restaurant. There was a restaurant in Cleveland, where Mark served his mission, that he loved called B.D.'s mongolian BBQ. He found out that the closest one was in Denver. So I thought it would be fun to go to a baseball game and try out the restaurant. The tickets were so cheap and I got a really nice room for a good price. So this last weekend, August 21-23, we went. We left Henley with Mark's mom which was kind of hard for me. It was fun to get away after a crazy summer. We kept getting lost when we tried to get around but it was still fun. The first day we didn't do much, just had dinner at B.D.'s which was very good, and then walked around. The second day we went to the zoo, which was a really cool zoo. We spent most of the day there, then we got lost, literally, and then we were planning on going to the Rockies game that night. We were headed to the game and someone was selling tickets to the Broncos/Packers pre-season game so we paid a little extra and eventually got to the Broncos game. Turns out the seats were on the club level 40 yard line. They were great tickets and the club lounge was amazing. That was my first NFL game and I love football so it was a lot of fun. Then on our last day we went to a museum that everyone raved about, we thought it was just like any other museum, but it was just to kill time anyway. Then we took the short plane ride home and got to see our little girl, who was asleep and didn't even know we were there. It was a fun weekend.

There were a lot of baby animals, this is a baby gorilla who was adorable. Below is a baby giraffe and baby zebra. We brought Henley a stuffed giraffe home from the zoo, and she calls it her zebra giraffe. She knows the difference between zebras and giraffes but she named him zebra.

This poor camels humps were starting to fall over.

Bronco's Game

Some super bowl and All-Star rings

This was the lounge, some people just stayed in here to watch the game. There were flat screens everywhere, tons of food, a bar, and a huge fireplace.

Denver Museum
Mark checking out the bugs.

Ready to go home.

Bear Lake

Mark's family rented a beach house the last week of July at Bear Lake. I had not been there for a long time. The beach was a short walk from the house and it was shallow enough that the kids could play in it safely. Henley liked the water of course, here are some pictures.
Here she is hanging out in the raft.

I didn't go out on the boat but here is Mark getting ready to water ski. This is him succeding.

Mark's cousins had a floating trampoline and Henley loved it.
Henley enjoyed just sitting on the boat!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Fun

We have been very busy this summer! We could stay busy with work alone, but of course there are so many other things to do that we have been going none stop. We went to Lyman for the 24th of July, but I can't find my pictures from that trip. Mark did part of the Lyman Triathlon with Henley she didn't want to ride in the bike stroller any more they decided to stop. We went to Bear Lake two weeks ago with Mark's family and stayed in a beach house. I will post pictures from that soon. This last weekend we went to the fair which is one of my favorite summer activities. These first pictures are of Henley playing in our back yard. I bought her a little blow up swimming pool awhile ago and she likes to splash in it, and go in and out of her play house.

She thought her baby needed to swim too.

Here she is blowing bubbles, or just drinking the water.

Hi Mommy!

Here she is at the fair, she loved all the animals.