Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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The rules are:to list 6 quirks about yourself and then tag six people.Leave them a message on their blog letting them know they have been tagged.
1. I am paranoid, about most things. I am so worried that something will happen to my family that I have become paranoid about everyting. Germs, car crashes, someone breaking into my house, etc. I check the closest and under the bed, I double check all my windows and doors before going to bed.
2. I love all holidays, yes all. I even love Labor day because it is just one less day of work and a day to find something fun to do. I especially love the big holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July.
3. I love paying the bills, not actually paying them but as soon as we get paid I like getting all the bills paid so I know how much we have to spend/save.
4. I love Christmas Shopping. I am excited this year because I think we are going to try to do an Angel tree at work again and that is so rewarding to know you are helping people in need. I love that spirit of Christmas, not what I am going to get but giving to others.
5. I love being a mom and would actually like several more kids. I love playing with kids toys because I miss that part of being a kid. When Henley sits down to color I actually keep coloring long after she is done. I know pathetic.
6. I wash my hands ALOT. I wash them after I clean the house, before I get in the shower, and anytime they feel a little dirty. That probably goes back to the paranoid part.

Thanks Brooke. I tag Shea, Amy, Mandy, Molly, Emily W, and Alice.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Pictures

We went up Logan Canyon yesterday afternoon to try and take some family pictures. We took my mom, brother Jake and my sister Kelsey. We figured we could use all the help we could get to get Henley to look at the camera and smile. We were going to go to second dam but it looked really crowded so we ended up just going by the Stokes Nature Center Trail. We got some pretty cute ones but Mark hasn't edited them yet so I am only posting the funny ones in between the good shots. I am also trying to get a head start on Christmas Cards so to finished products will be sent out with our Christmas Cards. I think it is funny what happens in between good pictures. The leaves were really pretty on a couple of the trees, every year I want to get pictures taken when the leaves are changing so this was the best we could do. We had my brother Jake just keep taking pictures so we could hopefully get at least a few of all of us looking at the camera, here are some cute ones and some funny ones.

Henley was so excited that Grandma got to come with us. Henley also loved picking up all the rocks she could find and playing with the leaves.
Henley was so fascinated with the leaves on the tree that she would hardly look at the camera. I think Mark is trying to tickle her in this picture.
Now he is really tickling her.

Here is a pretty good one of me and her. Too bad Mark wasn't in this pictures because then it would have been one of the best ones. But maybe it turned out so good because he was the one taking it.
She is trying to make a run for it.
I also wanted to get some updated pictures of Henley but that girl was so preoccupied with sticks and rocks. She can be such a tomboy sometimes. The only way I could get her to sit still was to tell her I would find her a new stick if she would smile for daddy.
Last but not least I told her to show daddy her pretty teeth and this is what she did. Ha ha kids are so dang funny.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daddy and Me

I was looking through all of Henley's baby pictures and I first of all I BARELY remember her being that small, and second of all I found a lot of cute pictures of her and Mark. We don't have as many now because Mark is always taking the pictures of just Henley. I thought they were reall cute so I wanted to post them and say what I great dad I think Mark is. You can tell by most of the pictures how much he adores Henley and I love that. Enjoy!

This was one of the first pictures in the hospital after she got all cleaned up.
This was right after we brought her home from the hospital.
Taking a little snooze together, they look so much a like.

Just hanging out.
Henley's feeling about her Daddy.

Some of these next ones are repeats or older posts, but oh well.

I love this picture of them at Baby Animal Days.

What nice dad, taking her around the bases at the Bee's game, and yes she really wanted to go run the bases.

Bear Lake

Sports Academy Pool.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Funny Videos

This is a funny video of Henley that we took 2-3 months ago. I couldn't get it to post then so I am doing it now. She loves to sing and dance and so here she is with her baby. That is Mark's latest fish tank in the back ground in case you were wondering.

I also wanted to post for my own memory some things Henley has been doing lately because I haven't been that good at writing them down any where else. She can say about any word you tell her to say. The other day Mark and I were at the table and she was in the living room, trying to get the lid on a tupperware container. She could not get the lid to go on and she was saying "Oh dang it!". It was really funny, but I am glad that that is the worst thing we say around our house or she could really embarass us one day by saying something worse. Lately, when I go to get her from her nap she will lay back down and pretend she is sleeping, so sometimes I just leave her there, ha ha. She has also started wanting to potty train, so we bought her a little potty and she loves it. For the past couple of months she would tell us when she needed her diaper changed. I would put her on the big potty before baths but she would jump right off. Since she has had her little potty she has gone every day. Yay for us! She also loves to sing the songs she learns in nursery. Every time after church she sings to her self on the way home. Her favorite songs are Popcorn Popping and Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam. The last thing I will post is that she can about count to ten (yes she is only 20 months) she doesn't have all the numbers down yet. It goes like this 1,2,3,4,6,9,10. It took awhile to get 1 and 4 but I have high hopes that one day she will get to know 7 and 8. It if funny to hear her count because she tries to count her fingers too, but she can't do it fast enough so shes starts with one and then just show me all ten. It is so funny the things kids do, but even funnier when they are your own and that is fine by me. We are so happy that she keeps us entertained all day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I found this on Brooks blog and it is interesting to think back to high school even though it wasn't that long ago.

Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!! REPOST with name of high school and graduating year.

Mountain Crest High School-2002
1. Did you marry someone from your high school? Nope
2. Did you car pool to school? Sometimes, maybe with Shea or Kristy
3. What kind of car did you have? Hyundai Elantra and a Ford Contour
4. What kind of car do you have now? Pontiac Grand Am
5. It's Friday night...where are YOU?(then) Football game probably or at a sweet party.
6. It's Friday night..where are you? (now) Out to dinner with Mark or at home.
7. What kind of job did you have in high school? Arctic Circle and JC Penney
8. What do you do now? Manage swim lessons at the Sports Academy, and stay home with my little girl.
9. Were you a party animal? No, but I had friends/boyfriends that were.
10. Were you considered a flirt? Probably, even though I usually had a boyfriend.
11. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? No
12. Did you get suspended/expelled? No
13. Can you sing the fight song? Heck no
14.Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)? Alana Lange, I actually had her for two classes in one semester, it was great.
15. Where did you sit during lunch? Chevron, Pizza Plus, or McDonalds.
16. What was your school's full name? Mountain Crest High School
17. What was your school mascot? Mustang
18. If you could go back and do it again, would you? There were some fun parts, but I would take my life now over high school any day. Too much drama back then.
19. What do you remember most about graduation? Thinking I would be more sad to leave. Going to Shea's appartment after graduation to hang out.
20.Who did you go to prom with Sr yr? Junior prom I went with Reggie, Senior Ball I don't remember. Maybe I didn't even go.
21. Did you have fun at Prom? Not so much
22. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom (Senior Ball) with? No
23. Are you planning on going to your 20 year reunion? Sure
24. Do you still talk to people from school? Yeah a few of my close friends.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well first I need to tell you that I am not a slacker, but our computer has been in the shop for about two weeks now, and before that our internet was not working. So, believe me I have wanted to post but I have not been able to. I should also write that my brother Kyle finally got to go back on his mission after knee surgery. He actually got a call last Thursday and found out that he was flying out to Nebraska on Saturday morning. So he didn't get much warning but he was excited to go, we wish him all the best.

Anyway, we weren't gone enough this summer so for Labor Day weekend we went to Island Park. Like always we didn't do much, but it was nice to get away one more time. I need to apologize because Henley looks a bit homeless in these pictures but they are kind of funny. She looks so wild when her hair is not done. Of course it had been done all cute but she pulled it out, I can't believe how long her hair is getting which you can see in the last picture.

Here are some pictures that Mark took.

Henley's Gymnastic Class

I signed Henley up for a Mommy and Me Gymnastics Class. It's at the same gym I used to coach at, and I was actually the Mommy and Me director for awhile. It was a little weird thinking that my little girl was old enough to do a class, I swear the kids I used to teach were older than her, but they weren't. She had so much fun, and to my surprise she listened and waited her turn very well. She is one of the youngest in her class and she did a great job. We have been so lucky because Mark has been able to come and watch her do the class almost every time, that is why we have all the pictures. I think we both enjoy watching her do the class as much as she like doing it.

Here she is waiting on her mat until it was her turn. The boy sitting next to her is named Parker. They are about the same age, but her is so shy. She will always say good job Parker and try to talk to him, it is really cute.
They get to jump on the big trampoline and she loves it.

Walking on the big girl balance beams, she got a little nervous.
Playing with the parachute at the end of class.

And last but not least, waiting to get her stamp. This is her favorite part of gymnastics. She will ask about her stamp any time she hears the word gymnastics. Her coach is nice enough to give her stamps on both hands and both feet and it just makes her day. We have a lot of fun.