Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Stuff and Baby Bump

Nothing much has been going on lately so here is some random pictures. The weather has been a little nicer after that last snow storm so we went to the park last week. I didn't get any good pictures but we had fun. The other ones of Henley are just funny ones that I decided to post.

She brought me the camera the other day and asked me to take a picture of her so she could look at it. So this is what we got, what a babe with those big eyes, gotta love her.

The other day this is where she decided to sit and have something to drink.

And finally, some baby bump pictures. I attempted to take these but the camera wouldn't zoom out far enough to get a good picture. I am about 6 months and I can promise you that I am bigger than these pics show. Maybe one day I will have Mark take a good picture or maybe not.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow Day

The other day I was thinking about how Henley hasn't really used her snow gear that she got this year and that we should have done more in the snow. However, I was very dissapointed to wake up to a foot of snow on Monday, I really don't like the snow. So we went out to shovel and Henley had a great time scooping up the snow with her "shovel" and eating it. The whole time I shoveled she sat on the porch eating snow. When I got done she decided to take a walk in the snow and even dug herself a little snow cave that she sat in. She had so much fun and I had to about drag her inside because her little face was bright red and freezing. Other than not much has been going on. The pregnancy is going pretty good other than sometimes I feel huge but that is normal. Mark has started selling this new water called ASEA, it helps the immune system and it is pretty amazing stuff. Hopefully, I will have more to post soon.

Eating the snow

Wading through the snow.

Relaxing in her "snow cave"