Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice Weekend

This last weekend was so nice outside, finally. We went to Baby Animal Days, and had a lot of fun. Henley loved seeing the animals of course. Later that day Mark wanted to take Henley fishing on the boat so he went and bought her, her very own Barbie fishing rod (as she calls it) and tackle box. He tried taking her on the boat last summer and she freaked out. This year she had so much fun. We went with our friend Phil and Mar, had a little dinner and enjoyed the nice weather. I have to apologize for all the pictures again. I will do a slide show next time

We have this same picture last year.

Hanging out with the baby cow.

Baby goats

She was a little nervous about this duck.

Taking off on her own.
Getting ready for the pony ride.

You can't tell from this picture but she had so much fun. She kep saying "neehaw" instead of yeehaw.

Throwing some sharp objects.

Dad's turn.

She loved this swing, and we had to pry her off it to go see the baby bunnies.

Waiting for the wagon.

Fishing with the boys.
Me using my fishing skills to help her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

I have not had much of anything to post lately so sorry about that. And sorry ahead of time for so many pictures on this post but we finally have new pictures. Of course last weekend was Easter and we stayed pretty busy. Thursday night my Grandpa and his wife Tana stopped by to give Henley a cute new dress. She immediately wanted to put it on and wore it Friday and Saturday, thanks Grandpa. That night we were going up to my parents for a little while and these first pictures I took right before we left. Mark was making fun of her outfit, dress, wings, crown, and boots with socks but I figured since we were just going up to see family it didn't really matter. Then she went out front with her shovel and her doggy Max and had some fun "digging".
Not sure what happened in this picture or why she was crying but I thought it was funny.

I went to Park City with my mom and sister on Friday night and we did a little shopping at the outlets. I go do all of Henley's shopping for the whole year down at the outlets and get some great deals. When I got home on Saturday we colored Easter eggs which Henley liked but she kept wanting to put the colored eggs in more and more colors so some of them turned out brown. Oh well she had fun.

She decided it was easier to use her hands.

Some of the finished eggs.

Of course the Easter bunny found Henley and brought her some good things. She has the Candyland Castle game and loves it so for Easter she got the real Candyland game. Her and Mark played and she didn't understand how to play but one day she will. Also, the lamb was from Petsmart but she carried it around the store the last time we were there so the Easter bunny thought she must really want it. Daddy Easter bunny set up a fun egg hunt so when she woke up she got to have an Easter egg hunt to find her new things.

Easter morning right before we headed off to church. She loved her dress and insisted that it was Cinderella's dress, I'm not sure why. I actually bought this dress at Family Dollar last year but thought it would work for an Easter dress so I just saved it until now. She kept twirling around in it. She also loved her curly hair and new shoes. She told everyone at nursery about it.

After church we went up to my parents house, where Henley got a little surprise from Grandma, a little cupcake baking set to go in her D.I. Kitchen that we found awhile ago. She also got some books, a bunny purse and an Ariel doll from her other Grandma last week which she loves.

Aunt Kelsey and Grandma set up an Easter egg hunt for her.

And last but not least one of her new outfits from the outlet stores. I found this cute cherry shirt and I wanted to get her the cute green jacket but I decided on another jacket. However, my mom couldn't pass up the adorable green jacket in this picture and we are glad she wanted Henley to have it. Sorry for the long post.