Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Florida Trip

Last week we got the chance to go visit Mark's friend Louis and his family in Florida. Mark also had some work certification to do while we were there. Louis' family lives down by Miami so we got to do some fun things in Southern Florida and then go up to Orlando and go to Disneyworld. It was such a great trip and we are so glad they let us stay with them while we were there.We flew in late Friday night and went straight to their house. Saturday we took Henley and their little girl Baylee to the Miami Zoo. It was so hot but a lot of fun. Warning: this is the longest post I have ever done. Longer than all my other posts combined but we did have a weeks worth of pictures so sorry.

Miami Zoo

Henley was so afraid of this crocodile for the longest time. We finally convinced her that it wasn't real and then she wanted to stay there forever.

Checking out the giant turtles. I think this one was almost 100 years old.

Cooling off in one of the fountains

Best Friends

The last thing we did before we left was the splash pad. They finally got to cool off in the water.

Day two: The beach

After church and naps on Sunday we went down to play at the beach. The girls built sand castles and splashed in the water. The beach was closing soon after we got there so we didn't get to stay too long but they had fun. Me and Alice (Louis' wife) are both pregnant so we were lucky that these girls have great dads who like to play so we could take a break and just watch them play.

Mark and Louis

Day 3: Everglades Alligator Farm, Swimming, and Baseball Game
We told Henley she was going to see Baylee, Alligators, Crocodiles, and Mickey Mouse on our trip. So Monday she got to see #2 and #3 on that list. We got to go the alligator farm and go on an airboat ride and see some alligators, crocodiles, and snakes.
These pictures are on the airboat ride.

Helping Mark hold a snake at one of the shows.
Henley has been telling everyone that she held a baby crocodile, well here is the crocodile and she was scared to death of it.

Checking out the baby gators in their cage.

This was one of the enclosures full of gators and crocodiles.

The girls riding on a train.
Eating some alligator nuggets. I didn't try them but Mark and Henley did and Mark said they tasted like chicken and Henley didn't seem to know th difference.

Later that day we went to the pool where Louis and Alice live.

That night we went to a Marlins game, we forgot the camera so Mark took this with his camera phone. We left after the 12th inning but the Marlins did end up winning.

Day 4: Shopping and Miami Beach

Tuesday Louis and Alice both had to work and Mark had to go do his certification stuff so I had both girls for the morning. I thought it would be a great idea to take them shopping for matching shirts. What a mistake, they did not get along at all and I was trying to deal with 2 two year olds, oh well we got home and it was nap time. That night we went to Miami Beach to hang out and try to find some celebrities. Funny story, on the way down Mark was telling Louis about a show we watch called Burn Notice and how it is filmed in Miami Beach. He was joking around saying we would probably see some of the people on the show. After the beach we went to get dinner and then I wanted ice cream. I went to get some gelato and who is right in front of me in line? Fiona from the show. Anyway I went to tell Mark and he ended up telling her that he loved Wild Hearts Can't be Broken ( she was in that movie a long time ago) and that we love Burn Notice. What are the odds of that happening really? Of course we didn't have the camera then but oh well.

Day 5: Orlando and Chef Mickeys

We had made reservations for Chef Mickey's in Orlando so we wouldn't have to spend half the day in Disneyworld looking for Mickey Mouse. It turned out to be a lot of fun. The girls thought it was great to see all the characters. Henley did have to touch all the character and squeeze most of their noses.

Looking in the gift shop on the way out. When I grow up I want to be a Princess.

Day 6: Disneyworld Magic Kingdom

Henley getting ready for the day.

Riding the ferry over to Disneyworld

First ride of the day, Aladdins Carpets

Jungle Cruise

Ok are you kidding me? I am still convinced that this is Johnny Depp and they pay him the big bucks to stand inside the Pirates of the Carribean ride all day, it looked just like him.

Henley has been so into Peter Pan lately and she was so excited to see Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

After about an hour wait they got to go on the Dumbo ride, you can tell Mark is excited about it.

Mark told her to pull the sword out and she was determined to do it, until we told her it doesn't come out.

Lunch time, great idea Henley.

Loving the Tea Cup ride

Inside Minnie Mouse's house it was so cute.

This was also Louis' first trip to Disneyworld and you can tell he thought it was the happiest place on earth.

The girls in their cute matching shirts (thanks Alice) outside the castle.

Our fam right before we left for the day. We had so much fun, thanks so much Louis and Alice for letting us crash at your house and hanging out with us for the week.