Monday, July 27, 2009

You're how old?

On July 23rd Beck was officially one month old. I can not believe how fast that month went. I actually felt like I was barely pregnant, the hospital experience seemed like it never happened and the month flew by. We have been so busy this summer and that is probably why it went by so quick. This picture of him and Henley was taken on the 23rd. Henley was watching Mickey Mouse and asked if her baby brother could lay by her. She seriously loves her baby brother. Here are some other pictures of what we have been up to. We went over to feed the ducks at the park. Henley even fed one right out of her hand but that made her a little nervous.

I took these about a week ago, his shirt pretty much sums it up.

We went to Boise this weekend for Mark's Grandmas funeral. She was 92 and had been sick for awhile. While we were there Henley got to go swimming with Grandma Huntsman and Carter and Jill.

She loves swimming but is not a big fan of sprinklers or any kind. You can tell she was kind of enjoying this fountain.

Even though right now Henley is upstairs throwing a major tantrum in her room she is turning into a big girl. She started crawling out her crib lately so Mark took the front off and now she has a "big girl bed". She slept in it for the first time last night and fell out. Luckily, it's not that far off the ground. I have the cutest twin bed for her but I am waiting until I need the crib for Beck before I set it up for her. We have been lucky that she hasn't wanted to climb out yet so we could just stick her in there and she would go to sleep. Also, yesterday in nursery she brought home some paper with the fishes and loaves on them. She was talking about the fish and playing with them during sacrament. While we were eating dinner last night out of nowhere she says " Jesus blessed the bread and gave everyone a little bit." It brought tears to my eyes which sounds a little silly but it was the first time I knew that she listened in nursery. She always tells us that she sang songs and played in nursery but has never told us specifically what she learned. I guess I didn't expect at 2 1/2 that she would have the attention span to listen to a story about Jesus and remember it for later. What a special little girl we have. We love both of our kids very very much.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Busy

Well life is pretty busy with two kids, who knew? Anyway, everyone is doing well here is what we have been up to. Beck had his first bath about two weeks ago, his cord fell off so early. I think Henley's took more than a month to fall off. He wasn't sure what to think at first but then he seemed to enjoy it.

Hanging out with Henley.

These kids have the exact same nose.
Henley loves taking bath's with Beck and even had to get in his little tub with him.

July 3rd- Five generation photo. Beck & Henley, Me, My mom, My grandpa Hale, and My great grandma Hale. I think she is 93 or 94 and now has 4 great-great grandkids. She was happy to finally get a boy the other three great-great grandkids are all girls.