Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Videos of Beck

Here are some funny videos of Beck. Lately he has been talking like crazy and especially when Mark was talking to him in this video.

At his four month check-up he was about right where he should be in terms of weight and height. He is much bigger than Henley was at this age. He started rolling over about a month ago and now he does it all the time. Then he gets mad when he is on his tummy for too long, he forgets that he can roll back over if he wants.

October Fun

Well I still need to post Halloween pictures and I will, but I do have lots of pictures from the end of October to post first. First just an adorable picture of my two kiddies.
Henley got to dress up for gymnastics and had so much fun.
Her she is walking on the beam, stepping over the skeletons.

Swinging on the rope over the "scary mud".

Hanging on the bar.

Cute boy!

We also went to the pumpkin walk a few weeks ago with our friends. Henley loved being the princesses.

Her favorite Ariel.

Michael Jackson display

Where the wild things are.

Clifford the big red dog.

I will post the rest of the Halloween pictures soon.