Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Fun

When it snowed alot a few weeks ago Mark had to go help shovel at the church at 6:30am. When he wasn't back at 9:30 I started to wonder where he was. Well he was outside building Henley a snow castle. It even had a mot and a bridge and of course a door and window. Then they went and played all morning and we were almost late for church.

Henley walking over the bridge.

And of course there was a snowman to go along with it.

The little snow princess.

The night before that we went to our Ward Christmas Party and Henley got to see Santa. She told him she wants a Sleeping Beauty Dancing Barbie in a blue dress (not quite what Santa had in mind, so he told me, but hopefully he can figure that one out)
Waiting her turn.

Today she got "locked" in our room to take a nap since Beck was in her room. Well she hasn't liked naps lately so when it got quite I should have gone and checked but I was hoping she might really be sleeping. Um, I was wrong. I walked in and walked right back out and luckily Mark took a picture to share.

Yep, baby powder all over the place. At least she smelled good, but she got that stuff on most of Beck's clothes and all over his changing table. Well nap time over and we all had a good laugh.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching Up

Well life with two kids is pretty busy, so my blog has been neglected. Here is everything since Halloween.

Carving pumpkins with my family, there are however no pictures of the finished pumpkins.

Kirschman Halloween Party
My cousins have an awesome Halloween party every year, here are some pictures.
Princess Henley
Henley with Grandma(Pink Lady) and Grandpa (Harry Potter)

Beck as Winnie the Pooh. He did not want to leave this huge costume on for too long, but he sure looked cute.

Henley and Evelyn

Em, Russ, Adam, and Hilary

Me (Queen of Hearts) and Mark (Nacho Libre). He made the costume himself.
Uncle Mason (Newsie) & Beck

Adam, Russ, Tom, and Mark

Molly (also the Queen of Hearts) and Beck, he thought she was so funny,and he just kept laughing.

Thanksgiving at the cabin.
We went with my fam to Island Park to my dad's cabin. As you can tell it was very eventful.
Mark smoked a turkey and dinner was delicious.

Hot tubbing in a beanie.

Gingerbread Houses,
Henley and aunt Kelsey

Grandpa and Beck

Henley playing with the nativity while uncle Mason set up Grandma's new play kitchen.

So natural with shopping bags

Random Pictures
Henley tasting what she thought was an apple, but was really an avacado
Sadly, we have had some terrible twos at our house. She turns three next month hopefully they go away but I doubt it.

Loving the high chair.
First baby food about a month ago. This boy loves to eat.
Luckily, Henley still absolutely adores her baby brother.

So handsome.