Monday, January 11, 2010

Henley's 3rd Birthday

Well our little girl turned three on January 8th. It's a little bit crazy how fast time flies but that's ok. She had a few requests for her big day. Of course,she wanted a Princess Party .since she has been so into princesses lately. Second, she didn't want any of her presents wrapped, she said "Mom, just give them to me, don't wrap them." Um ok, I'm not sure where that came from but easier for me. So I put a blanket over her unwrapped gifts and that was that. She got a Play-doh set, a pizza party set for her play kitchen, and a green dress, since dresses are about all she wears. Mark also put balloons all over her room, which she loved.

Here she is checking out all of her stuff.

Her third request was to eat at the peanut place-or Texas Roadhouse. We tried to go Friday night but there was a 90 minute wait so we went for lunch on Saturday. I asked her what she was going to eat and she said peanuts and mashed potatoes.
Beck enjoying a pickles

When they came around to sing to her and let her sit on the saddle she got really shy. But then when they left she wanted to ride on it so she got a second chance on the way out...and she was quite happy about it.
Then on the way home uncle Rich called to wish her a happy birthday, so Mark put it on Blue Tooth because she wouldn't talk on the phone. Well she decided not to talk or listen to Rich at all. What a stinker.
We had our families over(to my parent's house) for homemade Costa Vida and of course cake and ice cream.
Mark made her cake again this year and Henley was so excited by it.

Luckily, Henley has been quite a bit nicer lately, thank goodness. She can be the sweetest little girl in the world and we are so lucky to have her. She tells us she loves us about ten times a day, usually out of no where, which is nice to hear. She is such a good big sister and Beck loves being around her. She has wanted to be held lately and wants to cuddle with us, I know that is not going to last so we will take all the cuddles we can get. Happy Birthday Henley we love you.

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve. We went to lunch with my family on Christmas Eve. Then we went to open presents with them. My siblings all do a DI Gift exchange. We started it last year and it is really fun. Then Henley and Beck got to open their presents from Grandma & Grandpa.
Beck got a Fisher Price Jungle Set, that he and Henley love to play with.

Henley got a Cinderella Dress and some Disney Princess Figurine sets.

We decided to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house with our little family before heaeding to Wyoming. It was nice to do whatever we wanted and spend time with just us. We watched a few Christmas movies and had some treats. Then the kids headed to bed and yes Santa came.

Christmas Morning
Matching Christmas PJ's. Henley got her Dancing Barbie that she asked Santa for and she was so excited.
Beck got a Sports Playset that Henley likes to play with.

I know this picture is gross, but this poor boy has been sick for a month, even though the doctor says there is really nothing wrong with him. Anyway, he woke up Christmas morning with red swollen eyes and a really runny nose. Mark took this picture right after he sneezed.

The dogs got a new dog bed.

Of course they had to get at least one outfit.

One of Henley's favorite movies is Enchanted, so she got an Enchanted look and find book.

Mark hand-made me a coat hanger and I love it. I got Mark a Kitchen aid mixer (yes he really wanted one) but I don't have a picture.

Christmas Day in Lyman. We headed to Wyoming after opening presents at our house. I don't really have pictures of Christmas stuff, but we did go swimming and her are a couple pictures.
Swimming with Grandpa and going down the slide.