Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Well we have been pretty busy lately. Here is what we've been up to.

First a random picture of the dogs. Normally, I would get mad at them for being up on the couch but I thought this was kind of cute since these two are best buds.

Beck has become such a busy little boy. He is crawling everywhere including up the stairs, yikes. He pulls himself up on everything and walks/cruises around things. He loves playing with his toys and eating. I think he officially said his first word which was of course Dada. Why wouldn't it be Mama? I'm only the person who carried him for 9 months, nursed him, and take care of him every day but sure say Dada first. I'm really not bitter, Henley said Dada first too. Beck actually said Hi Dada first a few weeks ago. Now he just says Dada.
Henley was playing with the camera a while ago and took this picture of Beck. He was waiting for his breakfast and this is how he felt about it. He loves to eat and gets so mad when he has to wait.
He rarely sits down to play with things, he loves to stand.

I was trying to take pictures of Henley the other day and as soon as Beck saw the camera he came right over. He loves to have his picture taken, the problem is he won't stay still. He just crawls closer and closer to the camera.

What a babe.

We just found out a few weeks ago that Mark's grandpa Wayne has stage 4 melanoma. Which really sucks. We are wishing him all the best and hope he feels better. We went to visit right after we got the news and here are pictures of Beck playing with aunt Tia. As you can see she has food and so he is very interested in her. He probably would have been interested even if she didn't have food, everyone like aunt Tia.

He was practically jumping up an down.

The other day I heard a crash come from the kitchen and Beck had stood up and pulled this bin of toys on the ground and he was quite proud of himself. He is the sweetest little boy and we love him so much.

Mark went to see his cousin wrestle in the Idaho State Championships. Henley wanted to go along.Here she is with Grandpa Wayne.

Henley and Aunt Jill

Right before Valentines Day Henley was begging for pink Valentine cupcakes at the grocery store. So of course I bought them and for some reason she got frosting all over herself including her hair. She is really a much messier eater than Beck.

We also finally finished Henley's new room. Her and Beck have been sharing for a few months and it was really crowded. She loves her new room and I love that they each have their own space. The day the carpet got finished she started moving stuff down all by herself.
All finished.

Grandma Huntsman came to stay a few weekends ago so me and Mark could go away for our birthdays/anniversary. She bought some paint and pages to color. After she left we were all painting some pages. I left for a minute and came back to this. Sadly, Mark initiated it and Henley was just a victim.

Mark's grandpa has a tiny violin that we are borrowing so Henley can do violin lessons. We are not crazy parents that expect her to be a great violinist, but for now she is excited about it. Hopefully, she learns more about music than me, which shouldn't be hard because I know nothing. One of Mark's swim teachers teaches violin out of her house and so we decided to let Henley do some lessons.
Here she is right before her first lesson, she was so excited to go meet teacher Arianne

Mark said she did such a good job and her teacher was very impressed. She even remembered everything when she got home and told me all about what she learned. She knew all the parts of the violin and how to hold it and even played me a song. Here she is practicing.

She concentrates so hard when she plays, it's adorable.

Here is a little video of her playing what she learned.