Monday, April 19, 2010

California Trip

The first week of April we went to Las Vegas/California (along with most of the state of Utah). We used my grandma's time share and stayed at a great condo-the same one me and Mark stayed in on our honeymoon. My mom and sister took both of my kids and flew to Las Vegas while me and Mark drove with my dad and brother. We all stayed the night in Vegas and then drove the rest of the way to Newport Beach, CA. The weather wasn't great until the second half of the trip but it was better than Utah.
The view from our condo.

Easter Sunday.
My cousin Kady and her family ,who live in California, came down on Sunday. We had lunch together and the kids did an Easter egg hunt. Thanks Kady.
Henley and Beck on the patio

Henley with her eggs

Henley with Owen and Tess.

Just chillin.

Aquarium of the Pacific
This aquarium was so much fun. We have gone to the aquarium in Hawaii and it wasn't great, so we were a little nervous to try this one. But, it was supposed to rain that day -it didn't-but we decided to give it a try. It had so many fun exhibits and you could touch the sharks, sting rays, and star fish.

The only thing Henley would touch was the starfish.

The kids had so much fun.

Beck loved seeing all the fish.

Hanging out on the pier outside the aquarium.

The plan was to go to Disneyland on Wednesday because we knew it was supposed to be good weather. My dad and brother and sister were also going to Six flags and Mark was going deep sea fishing. So that left me, my mom, and the kids with nothing to do on Tuesday. It turned out that was ok. We headed to the pool, even though it was barely warm enough, like 70 degrees. Henley had fun, but Beck only wanted to be in the pool for a minute. Then the kids got naps and when Mark got home we all went to get dinner in Laguna Beach.

Wednesday was a very warm day so we headed to Disneyland. We knew it would be busy and it was but we still had fun. We had done the Disney Service thing to get free tickets so it was really worth it. We didn't get to go on a lot of the rides that we would have liked but we were worn out by the end of the day.
Henley with Princess Jasmine and Aladdin.
In front of the castle.

She went through Sleeping Beauty's castle with dad.

Tea Cups

Beck had a great time hanging out with the family. I was worried because he doesn't love his stroller but he actually did really well.
Waiting in line for the Finding Nemo ride, and getting tickled by grandpa.
Heading out of the submarine.

Pixie Hollow
Dumbo ride. In line for this ride Henley told me she just wanted to go on this ride and then go home. I asked if she wanted to go on Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh and she said "no just Dumbo then let's go to the hotel". So we did.

Grandma bought Henley a Princess Tiana Barbie and then is was time to head out.
Late night snack- you can tell by looking at those pink cheeks we had a long hot day.

The beach.
The last day we were there me and my mom were packing up getting ready to go and everyone else went to the beach. Mark said we should have spent a whole day there because Henley loved it.
Sandcastles with Kelsey and Mason
She got flipped over the the ocean by a wave and was caked in sand.

Hanging out with dad.
Tide pools
Vacations sure wear you out.

I have more pictures on my other camera so I will have to post those later.