Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy busy

We have been very busy this spring/summer so far and I think we only get busier for the rest of the summer. So here is what we have been up to. Last Friday Mark wanted to go on a picnic to the park so we packed up and had a lot of fun. Beck was so excited to eat all the bark and find sticks. Henley was excited to pack a picnic and packed up a bag of turkey, some cheese and a jar of mayo before Mark decided to help her make a sandwich before we left the house. It was such a nice day, here are some pictures.
Beck with his stick, what a boy.

He loved the swings and the playground.

Tough boy.

Ok I know I am the mom and I am biased but seriously Beck's face in this picture can't get any cuter.

A few weeks ago while I was busy at home Mark took Henley up in the mountains with our friend Phil and Maureen and their little boy Donovan.

Nice bum Henley.
On the way home they stopped at the temple to hang out and take some pictures. Henley loves the temple and always tells us she is going to get married there. Whenever she can see it when we are driving around she gets so excited.

Love this picture.

Yes she is wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and winter boots.

Picking flowers at Grandma Ruth's house in Pocatello. (In her pj's and nursery shoes no less)

The first weekend of June we went to Hogle Zoo with my cousins and aunt. It was such a nice day and the kids had so much fun.

Henley and Evelyn loved riding in this stroller.
Grandma with Beck, he didn't quite love his stroller as much as the girls did.

He did love seeing all the animals.

Riding the carousel with aunt Kelsey.

Henley having a funny conversation with Evelyn

After the Zoo we went to the Mayan restaurant to eat. This is probably Henley's favorite place to go for dinner she loves the cliff divers.

Here is one of them hanging from the rafters.

Henley was not so crazy about this mostly naked warrior.

Sitting outside the restaurant

What a fun day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well our computer is officially broken so I can't update my blog from home for awhile. Then our waterproof camera got water in it and broke, really? Anyway I don't have any pictures but I have not updated for a while so here is what we've been up to. Beck took his first steps around 9 1/2 months but just started really walking about a month ago. He cracks me up just cruising around everywhere, he looks like a raptor dinosaur to me when he walks, I wish I had a video of it. He will be one next week, hopefully we have a new camera by then. He actually talks quite a bit, I know people think he doesn't say realy words but since I am with him all day I make the judgement call and I say he does say the following words: Dada, hi dada (while holding the phone to his ear), mama, dat (that), up, and when I read him certain books he tries to say peek-a-boo. I can't belive it has almost been one year since I had him and we absolutely love having him in our lives. Henley is just a silly three year old who loves to play pretend all day. Lately, she love to pretend she is the mom and I am the little girl who she calls "honey" all day. Sometimes I wish she had a twin sister to play with cuz I can't always play pretend all day, even though it would be nice. Henley and Beck are just the best of friends and I am so grateful for that. Even though Beck pull her hair and she takes his toys, they are always happy to see each other. I will try to post pictures as soon as I can.