Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beck's First Birthday!

June 23rd was Beck's first Birthday! Seriously, I can't believe it has been a year, with each kid the times goes faster and faster. He opened presents from us that morning but his party wasn't for a couple more days. He loves this wagon filled with blocks, he also got an outfit, and some Disney toys. At his one year check up he weighed 20.13 lbs and was 30.25 inches. He is happy unless he is hungry or tired but, he has started throwing little fits lately. He knows about 10 word. He is now into climbing (Henley never climbed on anything) and he is a little wild boy. He loves Henley so much and he really likes the dogs.

Opening presents with Henley.

The day of his party the kids played in the pool all morning.

I could not decide what kind of party to have for him. I was going to just do animals but then I remembered that Beck has this stuffed Mickey Mouse that he always gets out of his toy box and loves to give it hugs and carry it around. Then I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he freaked out and got so excited. Let me also say that Me and Henley love Disney stuff and I single handedly support the Disney Movie Club, so I am glad Beck enjoys Mickey Mouse too.
Mark usually makes the cakes but he didn't care if I gave it a try this time and I think it turned out just fine.

I probably could have just got Beck balloons and not presents and he would have been so happy. He LOVED these balloons and who can blame him they're awesome.
Unfortunately, Mark's family couldn't make it.
Here is my mom, sister Kelsey, brother Jake, and Henley
My sister again and my dad.
Our good friends Phil and Maureen.
Henley helping to unwrap presents again.

Time for cake. I was planning on givin him one cupcake but after we sang "Happy Birthday" Mark just let him go at the whole Mickey cake and he loved it.

Of course Henley enjoyed it also.

Getting hosed off.

One last random picture of our sweet little boy trying to take a picture of himself. We love you Beck.