Monday, January 24, 2011

Henley's 4th Birthday

For Henley's 4th birthday this year all she asked for was a cake with a dog on it and to play pin the tail on the donkey. So we went from there. I asked if she would like to have a gymnastics party and she said she would. I talked to my boss at Airbound and we set it up. This was the first year that she got to invite friends and they had a blast. We did of course play pin the tail on the donkey and the next day she got her dog cake.
They loved jumping in the pit. My kids were a little wimpy but some of Henley's friends eventually did flips.

Beck thought he could climb in.

Waiting to play "Pin the tail on the Donkey"

When Henley opened her presents she was a little confused. She thought her friends brought presents for themselves. So she kind of let them open their own presents. Once I told her they were all for her she was so excited.

Eating cupcakes.

Me attempting a back handspring. It has probably been 5 years since I last did one and it wasn't too pretty.

That night Mark's mom and brother and sister came to town. We went to El Torro for dinner and they sang Happy Birthday to Henley and she was so embarrassed. Last year we took Henley to Texas Road House for her birthday dinner because she loves the peanuts. She asked about it all year but when I asked if that was where she wanted to go she said "No, I want McDonalds". The morning of her birthday we went to Carl's Jr. with Mark's family. Then we had both families over for lunch-make your own pizza and dessert.
Henley was thrilled with her Dog pillow pet and her Dora stuff (backpack and a pink shirt and orange shorts). Mark's mom got her a Littlest Pet shop hospital, and my mom got her a MobiGo laptop and an Ariel statue. Now she officially has all the toys in the world between Christmas and her birthday.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

A few weeks before Christmas we went to Temple Square to see the lights. I have wanted to go every year since we have been married and we haven't ever gone. Finally, this year we made it. We went with my family and my dad wanted to ride the Front Runner from Ogden to Salt Lake so we did.

My two pole dancer children

Temple Square. The lights were fun to see and Henley like the Nativity Scene. Unfortunately the visitor center closed as soon as we got there so we couldn't go in. And then right before we left we lost one of Beck's shoes. Besides that it was fun.

Riding home, we got on the Front Runner really early and had about an hour to spare. The kids should have been tired but they were out of control. Henley enjoyed her hot chocolate. Since no one else was on it yet, the kids just ran around.

Mark had thrown his back out a few weeks before this and it felt better for him to lay down.

We had a great time this Christmas. It came and went so fast but we had a lot of fun.
This is at our Ward Party. Beck was not a fan of Santa Claus, but Henley loved him. She kept telling us that she wanted to Rapunzel doll, Prince, and Horse from Santa for Christmas. Then she told Santa that she wanted a Dora costume. Mark said I thought you wanted Santa to get you a Rapunzel doll and Henley said "Why would Santa think that? I never told him that." Anyway she decided she did wanted the Rapunzel stuff after all and we managed to track down Santa at the mall and she told him what she wanted in time.

Christmas Eve. I love spending Christmas Eve at our own house with just our little family. We had been to lunch in Ogden with my Grandma Ozmun that day. We had been at my parents that evening before coming home. This year my dad decided to get everyone gifts. He actually did a really good job choosing gifts. He got the kids these character tents and the LOVED them. We always watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve and have nachos for dinner and then hot chocolate for a treat. Henley had to watch the movie in her tent. Then she had to sleep in it that night.

Opening the Christmas books.

Beck really liked opening presents and once he started he wanted to keep opening them.

Showing us his nose.

Christmas Morning.

From Mark's parents/Aunt Donna, Beck got a Hogwarts Train set.

Mark put this doll house together for Henley, and it was similar to building a real house. He had to put each shingle on seperately.

My mom got the kids these animal sleeping bags and they love them. I guess we didn't have that many pictures from the rest of the day. But we had a lot of fun.