Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pictures from lately

I haven't updated this since January, so here is some pictures from the last few months.

Just hanging out at the house, Beck climbed in this box. I actually have the same picture of me when I was about his age.

Riding on "horsey daddy"

Mark's sister and her family came up a few weeks ago and we went to the Fun Park.
Anya and Beck getting ready to bowl.

Playing the arcade games. Then the battery in my camera died

Henley playing dress up.

This is usually what we find Beck doing in his room. He LOVES books.

I just started Beck in gymnastic class with my friend Amy and her little girl Parker.

I told them both to smile and this is what I got.

Say cheese!

Beck really liked his dinner.

Reading his favorite book "Good Night Gorilla" Seriously I love that face.

Henley's Valentine Party back in February.
Making a heart bracelet

Finished heart cookies

Getting ready to sing their songs

They had a party for the mom's to come and we had a great time.