Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

The weekend of Easter, Mark's family was going to be down in Salt Lake so we all met down there to have some fun. We went to the Hogle Zoo on Friday. It was a little cold but we had fun. That night we went to the Mayan restaurant for dinner. Saturday morning we went to the Living Planet Aquarium which was a lot of fun. Then we headed over to the Discovery Gateway museum and the kids loved it. It was a busy weekend but we had a great time- there are lot of pictures!

Checking out the baby elephant-so cute.

They cornered this peacock and then it jumped into the gorilla cage.


This little monkey loved Beck.

Most of the little ones in the stroller-not so easy to push.

Playing in the gopher holes-with one right behind her.

Leaving the Mayan restaurant.

Swimming at the hotel pool.

Henley and uncle Jason.

Beck and Hugh.

The living planet aquarium- so much fun.

Touching the sting rays.

The last thing we did this weekend was go the the Discovery Museum at the Gateway. It was so much fun. I remember going to the Childrens Museum when I was little. But this was even better. The kids could have stayed even longer than we did.
Beck playing with all the balls.

Playing in the play house.

Fireman Beck.

I loved playing in the store when I was little. The kids had fun

Playing in the water.

Dress up with cousin Anya

Sitting in the helicopter. Beck loved this.

Construction site

Reading books with Dad in the playhouse.

Henley's new "crooked" smile-she does it all the time.

We didn't get any pictures before church, so here are some Easter pictures from after church.

Dying Easter Eggs at Grandmas House.