Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Rest of Summer

Going fishing out in Wellsville this summer

Crazy big boy in his underwear-He officially became potty trained in October, but liked wearing his underwear before that.

Making a mess with honey.

Cook out at the park

Bear Lake-August 2011

Henley and Jillian

Mark and Beck on the tube

Henley and Jill on the tube

Beck and uncle Carter

Carter, Henley, Beck, and Jill

Stake Aquatic Party

Beck and aunt Kelsey

Mark and Beck on the slide

Henley by herself on the slide

Mark and Henley

Uncle Rob's House(Colorado Trip) End of July 2011

Aunt Tia, Beck and Uncle Rob

Beck and aunt Tia

Miss Henley

Todd, Mark, and Henley

Me and Beck

Our Friends who live in Florida were also in Colorado the same weekend

Baylee and Henley

Beck, Henley, and Baylee

Salt Lake-Childrens Museum

Uncle Mason and Beck in the helicopter

At the pretend news desk

Playing dress-up

Kelsey, Mason, Henley, and Beck

Riding the horse

Playing in the water.

4th of July Parade-Hyrum

Aunt Kelsey and Henley

Kelsey, Me, and Beck

Henley Bug